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Get A California Reverse Mortgage From A California Company

I like shopping with and buying from a local company. It’s always nice to know that the people I’m buying from are around the corner from me.

Yes, I know that’s old school. Then again I am old school. I like old style Rock n’ Roll, I likecalifornia reverse mortgage the crooners like Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack. I also like to buy my car from someone in my neighborhood.

A California Reverse Mortgage from A California Company

So why do I recommend buying a reverse mortgage in the great state of California from a California company?

First and foremost, it’s nice to have someone close by who can go over the details of the loan with you – both on the phone and in person. There’s a definite advantage to being in the same room with someone to have a complex product explained.

A California Reverse Mortgage from A California Company

Another fine reason to work with a California company is understanding real estate values. It always amazes me when I hear about home values in other parts of the country.

California reverse mortgageI had a recent conversation with a friend who recently moved to Austin Texas. He and his wife were just closing on a home purchase – a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a good part of town. Price? $179,000.

That same home in a good part of town in Los Angeles could cost anywhere from $400,000 to $750,000. Try explaining that to someone from Texas or Ohio.

A California Reverse Mortgage from A California Company

I find it mildly annoying when doing business with someone on the East Coast. They return my calls at 6 AM my time. When I call them back at 9 AM here in California, they have left for lunch.

When I pick up the phone to get a question answered at 4 PM Pacific Time – guess who’s not in their office and gone for the evening? That’s right, the guy or gal I’m trying to reach in New York, Florida or even Chicago.

A California Reverse Mortgage from A California Company

All things being equal, it’s just plain easier doing business with a local company. We
understand better the cost of property taxes, insurance and utility bills.

One of the important discussions with a loan officer when getting a reverse mortgage is the monthly budget. It’s best to speak with someone who can relate to the costs of home ownerhip here in CA.

A loan officer living in New York might suggest you sell your car and take public transportation to help the budget work better. They have great public transportation in New York – not so great here in cities like Los Angeles or San Diego.

So in closing, work with the local folks – we know what it’s like where you live. For more reading check out Reverse Mortgage Information Center. If you would like to talk, Contact Us – we are here in the same time zone as you.