Reverse Mortgage Specialist vs. Reverse Mortgage Commercial

Everyone likes warm fuzzies. That’s why TV commercials attempt to make you feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic. It’s an attempt to connect emotionally even though hard nosed logic is needed.

The most important aspect of understanding a reverse mortgage is having a reverse mortgage specialist sit down and explain it to you.

It would be nice if Fred Thompson or the Fonz (Henry Winkler) could come to your home andreverse mortgage specialist explain the ins & outs of reverse mortgages. Nice, but not an effective way to really learn about the product details and how they will affect you.

What is needed is an expert to understand your unique situation and see if there is a good way to structure the reverse mortgage to your needs.

Reverse Mortgage Specialist vs. Reverse Mortgage Commercial

The truth is, I’m as tired of seeing reverse mortgage commercials as you must be. These commercials run dozens and dozens of times a day. I guess that AAG & One Reverse keep running them because people must be calling in.

But is the Fonz or Fred Thompson there to talk to you? Of course not. You get a call center answering your phone call. A call center is where hundreds of operators are answering calls. Do these operators know anything about reverse mortgages or do they know how to read a pitch letter to you?
reverse mortgage specialistIf you want a reverse mortgage specialist, I suggest you stay away from calling on a TV commercial and work with a highly experienced reverse mortgage loan officer/spcecialist in your area.

Reverse Mortgage Specialist vs. Reverse Mortgage Commercial

I know the Fonz is cool and Fred Thompson is a great actor and past Senator, but that doesn’t translate into you getting the proper advice and attention.

Let’s face it, the reverse mortgage is a complex product. It has a number of moving parts that don’t make sense the first time you hear it. You will have questions. You will ask those questions more than once, until it finally makes sense.

Even mortgage professionals in the forward industry do not understand how a reverse mortgage works. In fact, I find they often have tremendous misconceptions about even some
of the most basic facts of the reverse mortgage loan.

Reverse Mortgage Specialist vs. Reverse Mortgage Commercial

One last thought. Questions about the reverse mortgage loan do not end at loan closing. We have clients calling us years after their loan closing.

Some of the questions they ask are; How do I access the line of credit? What is the monthly mortgage statement telling me? I want to put my home into a revocable trust, how do I handle that? I just got mail from my lender, can you help decipher what it is telling me?

I know it would be nice to reach out to the Fonz or Fred Thompson about these questions. But even if they were still doing the commercials do you think they will know the answers? How about the call center operator you get when you call in on an advertisement? I can safely say the answer to both questions is No Chance!

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