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A Reverse Mortgage can
Improve Your Life
and Help You Stay in Your Home

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Senior Borrowers

A reverse mortgage can pay off your mortgage,  give you a lifetime monthly income and extra money for unforeseen expenses.   Allwest Mortgage is here to help you plan and solve money challenges.  Contact us and we can give you personalized options.

Concerned Family

Are you worried that your senior is having financial difficulty but is too proud to admit it?  Are you part of the sandwich generation trying to help your elders  and at the same time to save for retirement?  We can show you the best options for their situation or simply learn more by browsing our site.

Financial Advisors

If you are looking for ways a reverse mortgage can help your clients with daily living expenses or retirement planning, we are glad to help.  Get in touch with us directly or browse our resources for more information for you and your clients. Please call with any questions you may have.

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I call myself the road runner because my reverse mortgage changed my life. I was able to save my home from foreclosure and now enjoy traveling around the country to visit my family and friends. The folks at Allwest really helped turn things around for me. Now I have the freedom to live my life without worry. Phil & Ilene are professionals, honest and have hearts as big as the outdoors.

Isiah SInglewood, CA

Personally, I think getting a reverse mortgage is the right thing to do – it’s time to think about your self and stop worrying about trying to leave it all to the kids. Phil was helpful and caring. He patiently explained everything to me and my kids so we all understood how everything works. The best thing is I can pick up the phone at any time and call them with any questions even though my loan closed long ago – they are still there for me.

Estella L Huntington Park, CA

My airline pension got cut and I had to find a way to make ends meet. I was referred to Ilene who is kind, CAring and honest. With the reverse mortgage, my finances are in order and I have the peace of mind that I can stay in my home for as long as I live without making a mortgage payment. Thank you Ilene, you’re the best!

Robert B West Hollywood, CA

Phil let us talk about our financial concerns and that we wanted to remain in our home. Not only did he suggest a reverse mortgage, but gave us good advice about budgeting and making the most out of the money we had available. He and his wife are kind, understanding and professional and helped us feel very comfortable about getting a reverse mortgage. They listened to us and provided us with a solution that has worked for us. We recommend them highly.

Bob & Cynthia SWest Covina, CA

I was in the middle of an ugly divorce when I first contacted Ilene. I needed to buy out my ex-wife’s interest in my home and do it quickly. Ilene met with me immediately, contacted the attorneys involved and I got the loan before my deadline occurred. Beside being sympathetic and understanding, she was very efficient and professional. She never misses my birthday, keeps in touch and is a pleasure to know.

Bruce SSan Bernadino, CA

We Are Your California Reverse Mortgage Specialists

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We have been working with CA residents since 1984 and we have helped many seniors to date. Deciding whether or not to take out a reverse mortgage on your home is a big decision and should be made by a well-informed consumer. We have added several resources to our site that will give you a better understanding of reverse mortgages and answer your most common questions. If at anytime you would like to speak with a California reverse mortgage specialist to obtain more information or to schedule a one on one session, please call 800-409-0999 or 818-752-0999 today.